A Note From the Goat

Yo Dirt Kickers,
You signed up to do this, what were ya thinkin’? Seriously, I’m proud of ya already! You are the the non wimps, those towin’ the line at DWD DEVIL’S LAKE!

We've been a polishin' the course up and y’all is in for a dandy good time! Course info is up on the web site now. It might not make much sense to ya but not to worry, when we say go, just follow ribbons till ya finish!

2:30 PM – 7:30 PM we’ll be serving up fine local fare! So, you 10K, half marathon, marathon and fast 50K folks can finish, go freshen’ up, then join us for post race food and fun. 50 milers will finish right into the party!

Runnin' the bluffs and readyin’ the Devil up, just fer you!

The course is calling, start planning!

-- Head Goat, Swamp Dog, Trail Dog and the rest of the ever faithful hard workin’, Dirt Crew Litter.

Now a note from Randy Step, president of RF Events, just out of goat mode.

The dirt team is working day & night as we get closer to DWD Day. Our goal is to give you a running experience like no other. This race is more than special to all of us; it’s a passion, much like running itself.

I want to thank the Dirt Team … the markers, the aid station crews, parking rats, finish line crew, data entry and every person who makes DWD what it is. It won’t come off perfect, it can’t, but we’ll be givin’ it a shot … The variables are many but the challenge of pulling it off drives us to the core. (Please take this into account when you are lost, pissed off or get a cold brat!)
Help support our nonsense and bring cash for dirt wear to impress the wimps with. Shop DWD!

With a full calendar of great events out there, you chose ours and we thank you!

Yes, run fast and take chances but also look out for yourself and each other as we head into this great adventure,

--Randy Step, AKA Head Goat