2018 Info is now posted. NOTE: part of the trail from Steinke Basin to Lake Aid is closed, necessitating a re-reoute from last year's course. Pay attention to the course markings and not to any maps!!! (Although the maps currently on the site are what we think is going to happen, there may be additional changes.) Especially note the 10K heads north from the Start and the 26.2/50K cross DL and pass the start to join the 10K course.

 50M/50K/Marathon  Half Marathon

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Drop Bags

  • There is one drop bag location: Meadow Aid. We highly recommend changing shoes and socks if it's wet in the woods. By the way, you can buy them at Running Fit!  Runningfit.com, (shameless plug).

  • Mileage into the race
    • 50M - 10/13/35/38 miles
    • 50K - 10/13 miles
    • Marathon - 10/12 miles

  • Put anything you want on the course in the bag except weapons. Suggestions: shoes, socks, special food, Vaseline, favorite scripture, TP and Head Goat Voodoo Doll. Nothing too valuable as we are not responsible for lost stuff.

    Identify Drop Bags with your name, number or other identifiers. Deliver Drop Bag to the designated “Drop Bag Depot” for each aid station. Please, no black garbage bags, too easy to get put in trash!

    Find bag in Live Drop Depot.  If you’re going to reuse on later visit: Reinsert in Live Drop Depot. If done and ready for shipment to finish, place in DROP DEAD BAG zone, (This has nothing to do with your mother-in-law!)  It will be taken to the finish. If not in Drop Dead zone, delivery could be delayed or require self-pick-up at Meadow Aid.

    Dead bags and flashlights located in the Drop Dead Bag returned area.